About Me

Well hello, there - welcome to my bio! Picking up a camera ever since I was a child held something special in my heart. I am currently 27 years of age in which a majority of my life has been living out in the desert of Palm Springs, California. Photography has always been an important hobby to me; but recently, I have been making photography a priority in my life since 2018. Since then, I have been able to find my own artistic expression; being able to capture and document the important moments in the lives of others. I believe photography is unique in that once printed, a photograph can tell an entire story without the need for technology to showcase it. There is nothing more beautiful than looking back at a special photograph and having the memory of that day engulf you once more.

I like to pride myself on being a very personable, kind, and authentic individual with all those around me. Going out of my way to help others gives me a sense of peace, which is why I enjoy being able to give back to others with my art. I have worked alongside other photographers and videographers seamlessly and know when to take the artistic initiative in a situation when needed and always will be there to lend a helping hand.

I am a recent graduate of California State University, Long Beach where I have the ambition for attending medical school in the future. Not every path is a straight line - I have been enjoying finding myself along the way.

Everyone needs their own creative outlet, but I believe photography is much more than a creative outlet for me - it's a passion.