About Me

I'm Brandon LeClaire, your Palm Springs-based wedding photographer :)

I am dedicated to transforming each special moments into timeless memories. With a passion for genuine emotions, my lens captures the unique story of each couple I have the pleasure of working with.

Growing up within the vibrant landscapes of Palm Springs, I infuse a touch of desert allure into my photography, blending editorial sophistication with an authentic touch.

Crafting a distinctive experience is my priority, ensuring your day remains uniquely your own, avoiding the feeling of a conventional "my wedding is a big photoshoot" feeling.

I embrace a relaxed and authentic atmosphere as we immerse ourselves in you and your celebration; creating a gallery that not only showcases the beauty of your creation session with me, but also preserves the sincerity of your love story. I take pride in you trusting me to artfully capture your moments, weaving them into a visual tapestry that reflects the charm and allure of your love story.